aka Why do you need to know?! ARE YOU PEDOS?

  • I live in I won't tell you anything.
  • My occupation is Fighting against the stupid grammar.
  • I am Is this just to know if I am not able to defend myself while I am being raped?!
  • Kikicopyrighter

    To all the wiki contributers that clicked here to see the solution to this problem I can tell only this. Wipe grammar up the ground and scuff your shoes on it. Many people get their pastas deleted everyday for this particular annoying, nerve eating, head overheating, stupid, monstrous reason which is: GRAMMAR! If you care about your views I would stop having such a care for grammar. I am now backing up my posts so I can beat it in your head no matter for how long you try to stop this madness. You stop this grammar problem, so do I stop my problem. You won't stop the grammar problem, I will continue. All you need to know is this. Bye-bye.

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  • Kikicopyrighter

    Who needs grammar?

    September 29, 2015 by Kikicopyrighter

    I think that if there would be more people that are admins that correct all the pastas, the procent of pastas that will soon die will be so dramatically high. I guess around 60-80%. I am so surprised Jeff The Killer is still alive. I don't care about grammar, that's who I am. Grammar is like the most USELESS part of the story. If grammar was the most important part of it, the only thing that would be happening would be: Most fairy tales would probably die. A good story is based of not making clichés or recycling plot of your old creepypastas and other things like that. But grammar?! Grammar is the most attention losing part of the ENTIRE story. The first pasta I ever created got deleted because of..... grammar. DUN DUN DUUUN!!! There are p…

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